EC Fan Ventilation

EC Fan Ventilation
EC fan ventilation is a ventilation solution developed using EC motors. EC motors offer a high level of energy efficiency and savings, as well as effective ventilation. Unlike conventionally used AC motors, EC motors increase energy efficiency by up to 90%. In traditional methods, this rate varies between 10% and 70%.
Although ventilation systems are low-cost security measures, especially systems that operate regularly can lead to serious costs in energy consumption. The most effective method of reducing energy costs in ventilation systems, which is one of the legal requirements for every building and indoor environment, is EC fan ventilation solutions.
What is EC Fan Ventilation?
EC fan ventilation is a ventilation solution developed to achieve high energy savings with the help of EC motors. Today, it has become a necessity in the ventilation regulations carried out by developed countries, especially in Europe. The main reason for this situation is that EC fan ventilation systems working with the use of EC motors provide much more effective energy savings.
EC fan ventilation systems are also one of the most effective ventilation solutions in terms of their ecological effects. Minimizing the damage to the environment, EC fan ventilation is an effective ventilation method for the protection of nature and the environment. It offers a much more important advantage compared to other ventilation solutions, especially in creating a carbon footprint.
EC Fan Ventilation Features
The most important feature of the EC fan ventilation system is that it needs very low energy requirements. In addition, devices with EC motors provide much less heat generation. Reducing heat production not only saves energy but also reduces the negative impact of the system on the environment. However, EC fan ventilation solutions are also very suitable for long-lasting use due to low heat generation.
Low heat generation causes all parts of the system to be less affected by heat. Thus, all parts can be used with a longer life and offer an effective solution in terms of efficiency. In addition, EC fan ventilation provides the opportunity to significantly control energy consumption with its smart motor feature.