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A company that produces technologies that breathe into Humanity, aims to be a world-leading organization and strives to deliver innovative technologies for the benefit of humanity...


FanTürk company has been continuing its production for 25 years as the leading company in the sector without giving any quality.

Quality Material

To provide measurable improvements at every stage of our processes, to be in an innovative and competitive line, to continuously improve systems, to ensure the continuity of development in our products and human resources, to adopt continuous improvement as a lifestyle, to act with advancing technology.

R&D Studies

Research and development (R&D) includes activities that companies undertake to innovate and introduce new products and services. It is often the first stage in the development process.The goal is typically to take new products and services to market and add to the company’s bottom line.

Integrated management system

It is based on the passion of implementing its innovative products by considering human, environment and design elements.

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It develops its production power by focusing on products that give importance to design and human health, are environmentally friendly, ergonomic and increase employee productivity.



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Ergonomic easy-to-use product design

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