Environmental Policy

As Fantürk, we are aware that we are responsible for the protection of our planet. We aim to contribute to creating a sustainable and livable world with our management and service policies we have created in this direction. With our policy of “Sustainable Environment, Liveable World”, we give priority to the dynamic and effective protection of the environment in all our services.
With a high level of respect for our world, which is our source of life, we take measures to ensure the preservation of ecological balance. Responsibility for the protection and growth of biological diversity; We do this in a sustainable way with innovative approaches and world-class service understanding.
We provide services in accordance with international environmental protection standards determined on a global scale, and we develop solutions that comply with the legal criteria determined by our country. By providing production and service in ISO 14001 standards; we organize our customers, employees, suppliers, components and collaborations in accordance with these standards.
With the “Environmental Management Policy” we have created, we not only ensure that the world is a livable place, but we also build our entire service understanding on sustainable and environmentalist principles. We approach waste generation with a high level of sensitivity in the development and production process of new products and meet the requirements with world-class solutions.
What are we doing?
Our Environmental Management Policy has been developed entirely on the principle of “Sustainable World”. Our priority in all our components, especially in stocking, production, assembly, logistics and maintenance activities, is to avoid harming the environment and nature. We minimize waste in all our works, and dispose of the resulting waste in accordance with international standards for environmental protection.
In accordance with our transparent management policy, we openly publish the components and substances used in all our products and share the necessary information. We report all the details of our activities to the relevant organizations and prevent possible environmental damage that may arise as a result of our services. By adopting a very rigorous policy when establishing supplier and cooperation, we cooperate with brands like us that have a high level of environmental and nature sensitivity. We are involved in the consumption process with sustainable materials, we do not include single-use plastic products in our business life.
As Fanturk; We implement our “Environmental Management Policy” with a high level of sensitivity and meticulousness, which we developed on the principles of protecting natural resources and ecological balance, designing the production process with the least harm to the environment, using sustainable energy, minimizing the risk of pollution, and complying with legal requirements.