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TT Dust Collection System

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TT Dust Collection System; Thanks to the Jet-Pulse system in the TT Dust Collection System, the trapped dust is automatically cleaned. The Jet-Pulse Bag Filter Units used are specially designed for tough filtration conditions. The cabin body, chassis and all of the carrier legs are produced in suitable sheet thicknesses and sealed with bolt and nut connectors. Thanks to the highly efficient automatic cleaning system, the compressed air consumption is reduced and the filter life is increased. These systems are automatic units that ensure that substances such as dust that arise during production in the industrial field are taken from the environment by air suction and filtered. Moreover, it is suitable for use in dust and chip collection systems of workshops such as workshops, factories, carpentry workshops.

Sucking the dust from its source and filtering it in the dust collection system, throwing the polluted air into the atmosphere harmlessly is called Dust Collection. Thanks to dust collection, the quality of the air in the room increases and the productivity of the working personnel increases. In industrial facilities, dust particles that occur during production or during operation due to production threaten both the environment and employee health. These dusts, which are invisible and spread especially in the working area, cause damage to the lungs and respiratory system. For the health of humans and the environment, dust collection is of great importance in the collection of dust dispersed in the environment.

Particularly, dust particles, which are formed as a part of production in factories and spread to the working environment, cause undesirable negative situations in the production environment. As Fantürk, we ensure that dust particles that occur in the production environment are collected without spreading to the working environment with our industrial dust collection and filtration systems carried out within our company in order to eliminate this undesirable negative situation and prevent environmental pollution. In this system, suitable filters are used, which are determined according to the type, structure, particle size, mass weight and dust density of the dust. With our company, which is highly experienced in industrial applications, we prevent all emissions and environmental pollution in factory environments.

The areas where dust collection is generally used are foundries, steelworks, raw material facilities, paint facilities, welding powder outlets in production facilities, dust in plasma laser cutting machines, chemical industry, agriculture industry, aviation industry. Fantürk produces the right dust collection systems according to your usage areas and is one of the leading companies in the sector with the quality it offers. The collection of harmful dust from the process in a central or local unit in factories that produce pharmaceuticals, food, plastics, packaging, ceramics, metal processing, rubber production, cleaning paper and other paper production, cement, iron-steel production is called dust collection.

This situation, especially in the production areas of factories, causes serious environmental pollution. It is extremely important to use the correct filter according to the characteristics of the dust particles that are formed. By choosing the most suitable filter, dust removal studies are carried out together with the right engineering design, project planning and application. Our company is very experienced in this matter. Thanks to practical dust collection systems that can easily move within the factory or enterprises, dedusting is provided at maximum efficiency.

TT Dust Collection System and Jet-Pulse

In addition to Jet-Pulse Bag Filter and Jet-Pulse Cartridge Filters, which we describe as dust collection, it is preferred in aqueous system filters. Although aqueous filters have proven themselves in the industry in terms of maintenance and energy, their areas of use are unfortunately limited. Aqueous filters are generally used in businesses that have the risk of dust explosion or odor. Aqueous filters mix the dust with water and pass it through the separator blades. Materials heavier than water collapse down from the water after fluctuation and dust is removed. Here are the radial fans that we also use in other dust collection systems that give the water lifting feature. Since the radial fans selected after the engineering design are selected at the right capacity and pressure, water does not pass through the fan.

It is the ventilation installation that allows the collection of large granular wastes in the production area or large granular particles to be recycled in one place. Contrary to general ventilation, medium pressure fans and spiral, that is, round duct are used. This ventilation system, which should have a great suction power for the emission of particles, is divided into two as filtered or bagged. Bag dust collection units accumulate in the bags thanks to the high vacuum fans and accumulate in the bag bags at the bottom.

The air drawn by the vacuum dust collection fan comes out from the top bags made of silk or cotton. Shell is unnecessary in dust collection units used indoors. The unit to be used outdoors should be closed to prevent damage due to precipitation. These dust collection systems are usually installed in factories with heavy particles such as sawdust dust, metal dust. Air circulation is very important. The slightest dust escape or the friction of the suction may cause fire or smoke. The components of dust collection systems are very different and specially manufactured for circulation. Although the lines are mounted straight, they should be finished with at least elbows. Machine connections must be mobile, not fixed.



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In the light of our experience and knowledge, our company, which is sensitive to customer expectations, prioritizes quality, and adopts respect for business ethics and ethical beliefs, has a vision that aims to develop and grow. Attaching importance to R&D studies, Fantürk aims to increase its production and service quality based on international standards. Our main goal is to be a worldwide leader organization that produces technologies that breathe for all humanity by offering innovative technologies for the benefit of humanity.

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Jet-Pulse system automatically removes the dusts. The Jet-Pulse Bag Filter Units are specially designed for demanding filtration conditions. All cabin body, chassis and carrier legs are produced with proper sheet thickness with bolt nut connectors. High efficient automatic cleaning system reduces compressed air consumption and increases filter life.

Usage Areas

It is suitable for dust and chip collection systems of workshops such as workshops, factories, carpenter workshops.

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