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FRTT Rooftop Air Handling Unit

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FRTT Rooftop Air Handling Unit; FRTT Rooftop Roof Type Air Handling Units are roof type packaged air conditioners that can cool or heat with the direct expansion refrigerant system; cool the room air with the Cooling/DX coil on it in the summer months and optionally heat it in the winter months. It is placed outside to meet the fresh air need of the place and can perform all heating; cooling and ventilation operations in a single unit; and it provides conditioning of the air in the room with channels.

Fantürk FRTT series is designed for climates that only need cooling (Tropical). It is offered with many capacity options according to the size of the environment to be air-conditioned. It has high energy efficiency and is budget friendly with fast and easy installation; low operating and initial investment costs. Its main areas of use are large commercial buildings; business centers; airports; restaurants; department stores; cinema and theater halls; conference halls; industrial buildings and logistics centers.

As it is known; roof type air conditioners have superior models of air conditioning system with high cooling and heating capacity. Models among roof type air conditioners have filters that increase efficiency. The product; which takes up little space with its compact design; can be used as soon as it is installed. Rooftop air conditioners; which provide convenience to users with their plug-and-play system; adapt successfully to your building with their superior control features.

The product; which has sensitive capacity adjustment according to the building load; also prioritizes safe use with its durability. It is extremely practical thanks to its flexible structure and not needing another central air conditioner. The product designed for outdoor installation may be the roof type air conditioner you are looking for. Thanks to the product; which can also be used with additional heating options; you can also put an end to your search for industrial air conditioners. Products that take their place among innovative rooftop air conditioners with their silent fans; superior compressor technology and low vibration. It has brazed refrigerant connections for better sealing. A model with different heating and cooling capacities can be controlled quickly and effectively thanks to its touch screen.

FRTT Rooftop Air Handling Unit

Rooftop air conditioners have many features that provide efficiency along with their superior performance. In this way; products that reduce operating costs allow you to reach large central cooling systems with savings. In addition; the new generation rooftop air conditioners have efficiency above the Eco design requirements that will come into force in Europe. Again; all models at full load are also budget friendly with class A energy efficiency. The product; which you can use as a commercial air conditioner; is priced according to all these features. You can contact us immediately for detailed product inquiries and price information. You can also learn air handling unit models for air conditioning of large buildings and structures.

With its superior features; rooftop air conditioners know how to reach innovative standards. Products with many features that allow energy savings consist of new generation rooftop air conditioners and power plants. The biggest advantage of this is that the product can adapt to any channel connection direction.

Rooftop air conditioners and units that allow bottom; top or side duct connections are a great central cooling system that offers air duct connection from three different directions. Thanks to its high seasonal efficiency; rooftop air conditioners; which can operate in 4 seasons by reducing costs; are easily controlled. The product has 3 different auxiliary heating equipment. Of these; electric heaters have a 4-stage electric heating feature. Hot water heaters follow the electric heaters; which offer great interior comfort.

Thanks to the frost protection thermostat; hot water heaters prevent the battery from freezing. As the third auxiliary heating equipment; natural gas heaters have superior condensation technology. In this way; the ideal temperature of the indoor environment is maintained during the winter months. Energy recovery options; which provide a large amount of fresh air; can also be installed without the need for a duct connection.

FRTT Rooftop Roof Type Air Handling Unit General Features

1-FRTT Rooftop Roof Type Air Conditioner

  • Highly efficient and quiet running fans
  • Compact design
  • Fully automatic control system
  • Plug & Play


  • High efficiency
  • Noise working condition
  • More stable parts
  • Compact Design


  • Copper pipe and aluminium wing
  • Resistant to high temperature and moisture


  • Energy saving
  • Large filtration area for long service time


  • Galvanized sheet with powder coated galvanized sheet
  • 50 mm isolation
  • Easy to maintenance and service



  • Economizer
  • Bag filter cell
  • Electric heater
  • Electronic expansion valve
  • Filter pollution sensor
  • CO2 sensor
  • Enthalpy control
  • Condenser fan speed control
  • Smoke detector

Fantürk Quality

Our company has been operating in Bursa under the name of Havart Klima Ltd Şti and the brand name of Fantürk since 2002. In an area of 7000 m²; it addresses the sector with the production of air conditioning devices; automation system software and MCC-DDC panel manufacturing with our engineers and blue-collar employees who are experts in their branches.

Fantürk is a company that produces technologies that give humanity a breather; aims to be a worldwide leader company and tries to offer innovative technologies for the benefit of humanity. In the light of our experience; our company; which is sensitive to customer expectations; prioritizes quality; and adopts respect for business ethics and ethical beliefs; has a vision that aims to develop and grow. Our principle is to have a discipline that is sensitive to customer expectations; attaches importance to quality; and respects ethical values.

In the light of our experience and knowledge; our company; which is sensitive to customer expectations; prioritizes quality; and adopts respect for business ethics and ethical beliefs; has a vision that aims to develop and grow. Attaching importance to R&D studies; Fantürk aims to increase its production and service quality based on international standards. Our main goal is to be a worldwide leader organization that produces technologies that breathe for all humanity by offering innovative technologies for the benefit of humanity.

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Duct Type Fans; Roof Type Fans; Heat Recovery; Parking Lot Ventilation; Stair and Elevator Pressurization; Snail Fan; Cell Fans; Air Handling Unit; Dust Collection System; Hot Air Appliance

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