Elevator Pressurization

Elevator pressurization is the pressurization application carried out in order to complete the evacuation of people in a healthy and safe manner. The purpose of pressurization systems is to prevent smoke from entering fire elevators. Thus, in possible bad situations, human evacuation is successfully ensured.
According to the regulations on fire protection of buildings, the elevator shaft must be pressurized. Our company can prevent the necessary pressure differences with different product options. You can browse the best selection of fans on our website.
Elevator shafts are protected from smoke by pressurization systems. The pressure difference between the elevator and the building usage areas must be at a certain value. Balance is best achieved when the pressurization system works. The elevator shafts of every building need to be pressurized. It is essential to pressurize the elevator shafts of the residences with a building height higher than 51.50 meters.
In the event of a fire, these systems are supported so that the emergency elevator shafts are not affected by the fire. Thanks to the pressurization system, the pressure is evenly distributed over the area. The pressurization system is only activated in an emergency. The system connected to the smoke detector is active in case of fire. Our company reflects its expertise in pressurization systems to its services in the best way. We can respond to your needs with the experience we have gained in this field.
Elevator Pressurization Calculation
While performing the elevator pressurization calculation, the type of landing doors used in the elevator and the number of open doors should be known. While preparing the pressurization systems, the number of elevators to be used, their project and their features should be known.
In case the pressurization systems work, the pressure difference between the elevator shaft and the building should be 50Pa. If the elevator door is open, the pressure difference should be 15Pa. Creating pressure details on elevator landing doors is of vital importance.
If semi-automatic door type is used on landing doors, the opening force of the compressed air must be high. The position of the open landing door must be taken into account in the calculations of pressurization against hard closing during a fire.
When the pressurization system works, smoke entry into the elevator shaft must be prevented. Our company, which has been serving in the field of ventilation systems for a long time, can install the most suitable systems for the buildings for you. Our company, which always acts in accordance with the engineering principles in its services, is waiting for you at this address.
Elevator Pressure Systems
Factors such as smoke and thermal expansion that occur during a fire in buildings should be minimized. Optimal pressure support should be used for evacuation in buildings. When using pressurization systems, you should get support from experts in this regard. Elevator shafts have been brought to pressure balance by fans for a long time.
Elevator pressurization systems ensure that the smoke is trapped in the area where the fire occurs. Thus, people can be evacuated easily from the area. We can enable you to benefit from pressurization systems for your living spaces. We offer the most suitable pressurization solutions for buildings at very affordable prices. Elevator ventilation systems;
BS EN 12101-6:2015
It should be done in AS/NZS 1668.1 standards.
Our company continues to offer systems that comply with international regulations for you. You can learn all the details about the systems you need by contacting us. Thanks to the elevator shafts to be pressurized in accordance with the regulations and standards, the evacuation processes are easily completed. Our company continues to offer you quality products related to pressurization systems. We evaluate the pressurization project according to its criteria and enable you to reach the most suitable systems.
How Does the Supply and Pressurization Fan Work?
The purpose of pressurization systems is to prevent smoke from entering fire elevators. So evacuation can be done easily. The working principles of supply and pressurization fans are different. EC, and AC cell fans are often preferred. The control of these fans is provided through sensors. Automation controllers of fans are made by our company. We can give you professional support with our elevator pressurization systems and software solutions.

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