Kitchen Exhaust Systems

Kitchen exhaust systems

Kitchen exhaust systems are of great importance for areas such as restaurants and food production facilities with large kitchens. Particles in the polluted air that emerge during production in such areas are extremely harmful particles for the environment.

For this reason, the use of kitchen systems in food production facilities has been made mandatory by the Ministry of Environment. The fact that your facility has kitchen systems allows you to produce under appropriate conditions. Thanks to the system, uncontrolled air flow that may occur in another area is prevented.

Kitchen Exhaust Systems Usage Areas

Today, double-walled hood applications have started to be made intensively in hotel kitchens, shopping mall foodcourts, airport kitchens, congress and exhibition hall catering kitchens, chain restaurant store kitchens and kitchens used in large spaces.

In places where this type of application cannot be made, at least a fresh air amount close to the amount of air exhausted from the kitchen volume is given to the kitchen volume.

If you want to have kitchen systems installed in your facility, you can contact the professional staff of the Fantürk team.

Features of Kitchen Exhaust Systems

  • Both exhaust fan and fresh air fan are used together on the system. In addition, it is produced in suitable sizes for assembly with an ergonomic design.
  • Kitchen exhaust systems have an additional hot water heater coil option in cold regime regions.
  • It causes a cost reduction of up to 50% and a reduction of up to 80% in exhaust flow in double-walled hood applications.
  • Backward sparse bladed plug fans are used in kitchen exhaust systems. Thanks to such use, the system is easily cleaned and a hygienic application environment is created.
  • Ecological units must be used in kitchen exhaust systems. In this way, the oily air formed during production can be cleaned before being released into the atmosphere in a way that makes it suitable for environmental conditions.
  • The standard electrical automation infrastructure in kitchen exhaust systems allows to control both fresh air and exhaust fan equally.
  • It can be preferred to be installed outside the kitchen. Considering this situation, the system can be produced in a way that will not be affected by weather conditions.
  • There is a metal oil filter on the system. In this way, the system is protected from oil particles. In addition, thanks to the metal oil filter, the oil particles in the air supplied to the outside of the building are also separated and less harmful air is released outside the building.
  • The air to be released to the kitchen area is passed through the clean air precision filters. In this way, fresh air is released in the most appropriate way for the environment.
  • In order to ensure that the system has a long life and is protected against fire, the fan motor on the exhaust side is mounted outside the air flow.
  • There are plate type heat recovery exchangers on the system that provide high efficiency and high energy saving.
  • There is an on-off motor damper and automation on the system. In this way, it is possible to use the free cooling opportunity that can occur in summer and spring seasons. However, the plate heat recovery exchanger can be bypassed in the air flow formed on the exhaust side.
  • Metallic, electrostatic and active carbon filters are available in kitchen exhaust systems.


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